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This glitter is perfect for outlining drawings and paintings,adding texture, sparkle and sticking craft supplies together. It's a perfect gift for kids, teens, and artist.e pack allows you to boost creativity. Definitely an exciting activity for making homemade slime.


You can add color and glitter to customize unique shimmer and shine to your slime!

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Arts and crafts time just got easier! This glitter glue is acid-free, non-toxic, washable and featuring a non-run formula that is easy to use. Cleans easily from hands and some clothes.

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Washable Products can wash away from skin and most washable clothing types. However, it is best to keep it away from non-glossy table surfaces, finished & unfinished wood products, upholstered seats, vinyl, carpeting, wallpaper, painted walls and other materials that can not be laundered.



Post time: Jun-23-2022

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