Why is the detail in your small diamond painting lacking?

Experienced diamond art painters know that when it comes to the canvas size of your diamond art kit, bigger is sometimes better.

This may not be good news for those who are new to the trade. Smaller paintings are less expensive and may be preferable when first experimenting with diamond art painting.

However, it is critical to have realistic expectations. If you’ve tried or are thinking about trying a small diamond art painting, keep in mind that it will not be as detailed or realistic as a larger painting.

We’ll go over why and how to pick the right size for your next diamond painting.


Turning a design or painting into a diamond art template involves breaking the image down into individual pixels, or dots. Each dot is a space for a diamond drill.

Diamond drills are always the same size: 2.8mm. If we made them any smaller, they’d be impossible to handle!

Of course, if the design is reduced to a smaller canvas size, a single diamond will cover more area on the design.

An image of an eye on a large canvas may consist of several pixels. You could have different colors in the eye if you paint it with diamonds… This means that it would appear more realistic on a larger canvas.

If that same image was reduced to a small canvas, the eye could be reduced to just one pixel, one diamond, and one color. Certainly not as realistic!


The small canvas would appear more “pixelated,” highlighting the individual dots (or diamonds in this case). You should avoid the look of pixelated diamond art. We’ll show you how!


This popular Soulmates painting is a 13×11″ semi-small canvas (33x28cm).


It has a lot of color variation, but it doesn’t have as much detail as, say, a face. It’s impressionistic rather than realistic.

What if we enlarged the Soulmates design to fit a larger canvas? We’d just add more detail to this painting. Even after applying the diamonds, you’d be able to see the fine tips of the girl’s hair in silhouette.


As you can see, a lot of detail is lost at the smaller size. Small stars would not be seen as individual diamonds. There is less subtlety where one color transitions to another in the night sky or on the water.

For your convenience, here is the original source image.

Now you can see why it makes sense to size up your diamond painting if you love a design with a lot of detail.

Post time: Sep-20-2022

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